Doing a writers bio

So, this is my second blog post on this site. It is about writing as well. Today’s journey into writing is the need for posting author bio information. UGH!

Although I love to tell stories, get me started you will hear endless stories from my life, reporting objectively in the third person stumps me completely. Here are some of my attempts.

David Dabling was born after Charles Dickens but substantially before this afternoon. Although Charles Dickens is considered one of the great talents in English literature writing, David never will be. The story of how David once climbed halfway up a rock cliff has nothing to do with the bio. However, that story is much more interesting. By default, which means the rest of this bio will be much less interesting . . .

Giving up on that one.

Throughout his life David Dabling has wanted to be a writer. There have been detractors who say he never will be. Despite their negativity and lack of support so far, they are correct. . .

No, that’s not it either.

David was born in the middle of the twentieth century, in the middle of a hospital, in the middle of the town that was off center to the middle of the state. Having two older brothers and two younger sisters he was in the middle of the family. It is no wonder that any talent he has is middling in nature. Possessed of average intelligence he tells jokes of average humor with an average delivery. Hmm, no.


FuFull disclosure mode: 

  1. Name: David Bruce Dabling·         
  2. Birthdate: Needless to say 
  3. Height: (claims) 5’ 9” 
  4. Weight: < > 230 pounds 
  5. Eyes: Green
  6. Hair: Not any more 
  7. Distinguishing Scars: Plenty 
    1. Also Known As: 
      1. Not him again,
      2. What’s he going on about? 
      3. Didn't I hear this story before?.

No full disclosure won’t work either.

 Just in case anyone actually does want to know:

David Dabling was born in Ogden, Utah during the year of his birth. He attended schools that should not be held responsible. He married his beloved Eulalia and has stayed married.. Together they have raised seven exceptional children, all good citizens and independent in their career choices. They have seventeen beautiful grandchildren.

After graduating from a college that otherwise is blameless David spent four years in the active army. He has earned money as: a newspaper carrier, fast food worker, salesperson, delivery driver, actor, stage carpenter, janitor, soldier, nursing home aid, synthetic diamond lapper, convenience store clerk, teacher, tax examiner, warehouse worker, accounting technician, engineering soils technician, telephone service rep, telephone banker, benefit administrator, payroll runner, business analyst, and substitute teacher. Interesting side notes: Never fired, but he has been diagnosed with attention deficit.

As he often tells his wife he is a serious individual, as serious as he can be.





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